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We Are A Full Service Access Control Company

From the time we come out to do an estimate until your system is setup and programmed we are the only company you will be working with. We inegrate an access control system into your exisiting configuration and run any necessary wires and do the hardware installations using our expert access control technicians.

Residential and Multi-Family Access Control

Secure your lobby and common areas with state of the art access control solutions for residential buildings. Doors can be set to only be opened by a key fob for after hours entry.


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Magnet Locks (Maglocks) use a magnet to hold your door closed until a signal is sent releasing the lock. Some models can withstand up to 1500 lbs of force.

Electric Strikes

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Electric strikes work in tandem with your latch to secure your door. When a signal is sent from a request to exit device(REX) the latch is released so you can open the door.

Door Controllers

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Door controlers are tied into your access control system. They are used to allow the door to be opened and closed. Each individual door controller can be configured to only allow the door to be opened during specific time periods throughout the day.

Door Positioning Sensors

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A door positioning sensor is used to tell you if the door is open or closed. Home security systems incorporate these using magnets that send a signal to the control unit and can be programmed to tell you when someone has opened the door.

Request to Exit Devices(REX)

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Request to Exit devices(REX) can be a button that someone pushes from the inside of building or a motion sensor. When the REX has been activted a signal is sent releasing the door.

Commercial Access Control Systems

Restrict the flow of employees or unauthorized visitors going into your office or business. Limit the access into areas with secure files or products. Setup a buzzer system to allow a receptionist to let people in to the building.

Card and Keypad Access

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Card and keypad access alows you to enter your property without the need of a physical key. Just swipe your card or type in your code. 

Intercom Systems

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An intercome system allows you to determine if the person on the oposite side of the door should have access. 

Push Bars

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Push-bar/exit device is a mechanical hardware which allowa eagress at all times by pushing on the bar from inside. 

Touch Bars

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Touch bar is a REX device which releases a magnetich lock symply by touching it. 

Proximity Systems

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Proximity systems are devices which pick up a RFID signal from a card or a fob to release a locking device and allow access to the designated area.

Industrial Access Control Systems

Protect your Research and Development department with a keypad that has an audit trail to see who is accessing the area and when. Know that your property is secured with a state of the art access control system.

Keypads with Audit Trail

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Audit trails allow you review an audit all entries recorded in your system. 

Cloud Based Access Control System

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Cloud based access control allows you to monitor and control your access control system remotely from anywhere and with any device.


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Scheduling allow you to determine at what time specific users can use their credentials to gain access.  

Unlimited User Codes

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Allows you to add as many users to your system.

Group Restrictions

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Group restrictions allow you to set specific rules to diferen types of groups .

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